David Heavener


Television that Tells the Truth

David Heavener TV is a fresh alternative to Hollywood's immoral programming. Mr Heavener has a no-nonsense approach to delivering Truth. Help us work behind enemy lines with the power of compelling stories to proclaim Truth without compromise.

David Heavener is a seasoned Hollywood filmmaker who has written, directed, produced and starred in over 50 motion pictures. He has directed such Hollywood greats as Academy Award winner/nominees Martin Landau, Tony Curtis and many others. His movies have premiered on HBO, Showtime and major TV networks.

Throughout a career in Hollywood, David encountered victims of demonic attacks, SRA, trafficking, programming, and the New Age. This experience led him into creating David Heavener Ministries. The ministry focuses on exposing these dark forces through the use of TV and film.

David’s TV series “The Last Evangelist”, now in production, is a CSI-type show set in the book of Revelation. A New World officer hears from God and decides instead to battle the antichrist's strategies with a Bible in one hand and a gun in the other.

Many people dream of living in the Hollywood lifestyle filled with fortune and fame. DAVID HEAVENER was immersed in that lifestyle for many years, working with some of Hollywood’s top actors and actresses, and is here to reveal how much of this industry conceals a “dark, Satanic underbelly” that profits from the destruction and manipulation of the human soul.

David's Testimony

“Though I served many years as a music minister, I led a separate life as a movie producer. Finally, things reached a crisis and God brought me to the bottom , then re-created me. 

The change that resulted was that not only did I bring Jesus into Hollywood, I realized that God had commissioned me to bring filmmaking into the church.”


Though he could’ve gone to the studios to get financed (like many other Christian projects), he didn’t want to give up editorial control which would have watered down the project. Consequently, because he brought Christ into the media marketplace, industry business associates rejected him. Additionally, the apostate church now rejects him for the controversial topics he tackles. This has only deepened his resolve to deliver  Truth Uncompromised.

David is passionate about the truth and highlighting how it looks when the government - and even the church - twist the truth to fit their own agenda.

With this in mind, David identifies with the role he plays in The Last Evangelist as he feels time is running out to fulfill the Great Commission.

He developed his unique spiritual platform as an alternative to Christian sensationalism. His STREAMING broadcasts focus on delivering bold truths about God in an honest and "real" way. He describes his network as a hybrid of YouTube and traditional television. His shows feature raw, cutting-edge themes that appeal to an audience often overlooked by both religious and mainstream media. In The Last Evangelist, He plays the role of a cop in the Last Days who protects people who have been abused by the church. He helps them battle demons and other dark forces such as witches and the Illuminati.