David Heavener


Television that Tells the Truth

Filmmaking Academy Online

This groundbreaking series is a step-by-step guide to writing, producing and distributing your film.  Whether you’re a movie buff with a great idea or a film school graduate, everyone can learn from David’s easy-to-follow steps, and obtain the DIY tricks he has finessed in his 30 years of self-taught filmmaking.

Here’s your chance to capture the valuable techniques you won’t learn anywhere else.

These are proven methods used by David’s students around the world. You’ll learn how to complete the film you’ve always wanted to make with confidence and success. The secret to David’s mastery is in his principles which he reveals in this amazing academy where you discover everything you need to launch your career in just a short period of time.

Courses Offered in this Bundle:

  1. Welcome
  2. Overview
  3. Hollywood Game
  4. Craft Your Mission Statement
  5. Genre & Concept
  6. Screenwriting
  7. Step Outline
  8. Dialog & characterization
  9. Script Length
  10. Sequels: True Stories
  11. A Compelling Title
  12. Financing & Investors
  13. Financial Structuring
  14. Crowdfunding
  15. Tax Incentives
  16.  Budget (1 & 2)
  17. Production Value
  18. Scheduling
  19. Pre-Production
  20. Production Team Positions
  21. Sound on Set
  22. Grip and Gaffers
  23. Script Supervisor
  24. Production Designer
  25. Wardrobe and Makeup
  26. Still Photographer
  27. Craft Services Caterer
  28. Unions
  29. Hiring Cast & Crew
  30. Difficult Crew
  31. Stars & Celebrities
  32. Locations
  33. Directing
  34. Block Hitting Your Mark
  35. Shot List
  36. Camera Angles
  37. Steadicam Spotting
  38. Death Star Scenes
  39. Stunts, Weapons, Fight Scenes
  40. Lighting
  41. Green Screen
  42. Atmosphere
  43. Working with Children
  44. Working with Animals
  45. Security on set
  46. Set Etiquette
  47. Editor
  48. Post SOund
  49. Music Contracts and Cues
  50. The Next Wave of the Future
  51. Conclusion
  • Marketing and Distribution Part one
  • Marketing and Distribution Part two
  • Marketing and Distribution Part three
  • Cell Phone Movie Making
  • Shorter Films
  • Music Films


  • Key elements to making a music video. Why most videos fail to do the song justice and do not really help the artist.
  • Catch the wave in the world of shorter films.
  • Can your cell phone market your product or enhance your career?
  • Know your power in filmmaking by discovering the power in you: your desire and destiny.

Most filmmakers focus on the wrong things; David explains how to focus on what can bring you success.