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Mass Shooters are Trained: An Interview with Russ Dizdar

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Recently, Russ Dizdar sat down with David Heavener for a discussion about his experiences with the occult. As the conversation evolved, Russ shared some fascinating information about a little known topic: Programmed Multiples.

First, understand that Russ Dizdar is a professional. He is a Christian, a pastor, and a child of God. His ministry eventually led him into the world of the occult. As a result, Russ became knowledgeable about “Programmed Multiples”.

Programmed Multiples are people who suffer from a psychological malady known as Dissociative Identity Disorder (or DID, for short). This
condition is more commonly known as “Multiple Personality Disorder”.

For most of us, this topic requires a bit of explanation. The average person has one personality that encompasses our choices, our opinions, our likes and dislikes, and all the other aspects of who we are; but a person with DID has more than one personality. Their personality has been split into more than one natural personality. This has been caused by trauma. Extreme trauma has been a part of their life to such a degree that their mind could not take the trauma anymore so it split the personality in order to cope. It added another personality, known as a “sub-personality”.

For those who think this is impossible, let me provide an example which is common to most of us. When we are children and we are hurt we usually cry, and may scream, and run to our mothers for comfort. As we get older, we learn not to make such a fuss out of small things. We also learn to be still and patient when we have to go to the doctor for stitches or a shot. Whereas once we would naturally kick, scream, “faint and fall out” over every little thing, we learn to subdue that instinct for the purposes of the approval of our parents, or the doctor. This is called maturity and learning manners for most people.

When we are older, we can sit still in the dentist’s chair for a procedure that might be uncomfortable. If it is extremely uncomfortable, we learn to subjugate the pain signals by telling ourselves that the procedure is good for us, that we need to have it done in order to keep ourselves healthy, etc. Some of us even learn to imagine ourselves to be somewhere else, in order that we might be able to keep our mind off the very real situation at hand – which might be the drilling of an infected tooth.

This ability to distract ourselves, to keep our mind off unpleasant things, is perfectly natural. It is what one might call a “coping skill”. It’s one of the things God put in us in order to handle unpleasant experiences.

For a programmed multiple, there has been little in their childhood which could we called “normal”. They have experienced trauma that is very different from a typical domestic violence situation. The trauma they have undergone was planned. The person (or persons) who created the trauma is evil. That evil is much deeper than most people can readily grasp. The truth is, these people are real Luciferians.

Many don’t know what a Luciferian is, so let’s define that. A Luciferian is a person who is a true follower of Lucifer. These people have an agenda. They practice satanism, but unlike some, the Luciferian doesn’t practice satanism “for the fun of it”, or merely for the blood sacrifices (although blood sacrifices are a part of Luciferianism). In fact, they are often offended by the term “satanism” or “satanist”.

The Luciferian has an agenda. That agenda is, by design, to bring about the end of the world as we know it. As ridiculous as that may seem, that is indeed their agenda. They believe that Lucifer, or Satan, is the “good guy”. They still refer to him as the “light bearer” – which was one of his titles when he was in Heaven, before the rebellion and the fall to earth. (Christians will know that his name was then changed to “Satan” by God.)

These people believe the evil one brings “enlightenment”. They see themselves as part of an army and as Satan’s soldiers. It’s a very serious agenda for them and it should be taken seriously by us.

How do shooters fit in? As with so many other psychological maladies, the source of DID always begins in the childhood. In cases of Dis-Associative Identity Disorder, a child has been so mistreated beyond their understanding, and so traumatized that their mind, as a coping skill, creates another “self” for them so that they can escape the pain of their situation. In the cases of Programmed Multiples, the child is tormented purposefully, and repeatedly by people who have as their main goal, the splitting of that child’s psyche into at least one other personality. Sometimes the abuse is so extreme, and is carried on for so many years, that the result is the
creation of many other personalities, not just one. These other personalities are known as “sub-personalities”. (If this sounds like a sadistic Nazi experiment, know this: it was, and it is.)

Once the sub-personalities manifest, the people who are in charge of all this begin programming them. This may seem difficult to understand, but in essence, all programming is, is intense, supervised training, or instruction, in a given area.

The Luciferians who are in charge of creating the multiple personalities, then test them to see what skills they are best suited to developing. Unfortunately, the skills these Luciferians are interested in developing can be a myriad of things. Primarily the sub-personalities concerned here are those of a runner, a shooter, or a priest.

The Satanists/Luciferians are the handlers. The chief social group is that of their religion; their religion is that of satanism, or witchcraft. Thus they belong to groups known as “covens”. The programming of these traumatized children is coven based.

Another name for the sub-personality is an “alter”. (This actually nods back to a name used in psychology in years past to describe this phenomena – “alter-ego”.)

The programmed shooter has a way to keep their alter subdued and it can be kept undercover for years. When it’s time for the shooter to go into action, there’s a code or a phrase given to the individual. This word or phrase has been given to the individual in the past to be a quick identifier for the specific alter-ego which is being accessed. This phrase will bring the alter to the forefront, and the individual will then do what he or she is asked to do, without hesitation.

This may sound confusing, but in reality it’s very similar to the hypnosis shows we see on television or a stage show. In those cases, an individual may react to the phrase, “1, 2, 3, wake up!” In the case of a programmed individual, such as a shooter, the training is much more permanent. The Programmed Multiple hears the phrase and does what they’ve been trained to do. The regular personality goes down and the sub-personality (or alter) overtakes the individual. For the shooter, they know their task and they go about killing without reservation. They are trained to kill and slaughter without pain or conscience. There is absolutely no remorse. The person can even show an almost supernatural strength and speed. Killing is all they know to do and it’s all about the training by the programmer, handler, who is Luciferian.

Dizdar used James Holmes as an example. Holmes was the shooter at an Aurora, Colorado movie theatre in 2012. On observation, everything was done in a sophisticated fashion and by design. There are definite patterns. A crazy person doesn’t do something by design. That behavior has a supernatural twist. It’s by plot, designed and premeditated.

After the shooter has completed his task, at some point, he’s arrested, put in jail and eventually, sleeps. When he wakes, there is no memory of what happened. The sub-personality goes into hibernation and the regular personality has a memory time lapse. Because the sub-personality did the killing, it’s that personality that holds the memory, not the regular
personality. If the individual is already in jail or prison, how does the Satanist get to the Programmed Multiple? It’s either through the phrase or via the pre-programming. In some cases, the person is reached through a prison guard that has been planted in the prison system, or by a visitor, or even by an attorney. There are those who don’t make it to jail. In some cases, the shooter will commit suicide after the massacre has been completed. Suicide was part of that person’s programming all along.

The Federal Agents will do a profile and the resulting story will be that the shooter had a history of psychological issues. Society hears that the individual is mental, or insane, and gives the matter no more thought.

If Jesus were walking on the earth today, He’d see the demon and cast it out. The reason Jesus came to earth was to destroy the works of the devil and set the captives free. [/et_pb_text][et_pb_button button_url=\”/register\” url_new_window=\”on\” button_text=\”Sign in for Subscriber-Only Videos\” button_alignment=\”center\” admin_label=\”register link\” _builder_version=\”4.3.2\” custom_button=\”on\” button_text_color=\”#000000\” hover_enabled=\”0\” box_shadow_style=\”preset6\”][/et_pb_button][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

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