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Miracles: From God or the Devil?

By Charlene Fuller-Gossett

Oil is pouring from this Bible in Georgia! Is it a miraculous sign? Does it have healing power? We live in a time where miracles happen on a regular basis. Many can be considered modern-day miracles that the Bible tells us to expect. Some, however, may be false signs and wonders from the enemy. In this interview (https://youtu.be/9IHBXLwabkk) David Heavener and L.A. Marzulli discuss what Christians need to know in order to be discerning. The Biblical narrative is that we are in a time where we will be seeing more and more miracles happen in which the supernatural will interface with the natural. In other words, miracles will become an everyday occurrence. The question that should follow is, how do we determine whether that supernatural intervention is from above or below. To decide that, here is L.A.’s criteria.

L.A.’s strategy is, rebuke first; ask questions later. First, determine the source of the miracle. Why should the source of the miracle be questioned? Everyone knows miracles are from God, correct? Not necessarily. The Bible tells us that Satan will come in all signs and lying wonders. Satan has a history of replicating the things of God that are meant for good and turning them into something very evil, such as the Fatima sightings in South America in the early 1900s. What does the Bible say we must do when a miracle occurs? At that moment, discernment should move into action. L.A. says, “Test the spirits.” Ask the Father, “If this is not from You, shut it down.”

Do Christians actually fall for these miracles such as a stigmata, bleeding statue and the like? Sadly, many are deceived. They want to believe it’s from God but, in the end, they wind up following a false prophet. These are tricks of the devil to divert people. A person’s belief system is not what’s in question here. It’s the source of that miracle. We must be cautious; as L.A. states, “buyer beware.”

Why is it so crucial for Christians to be wary? The main concern is that the one-world religion system will use these pseudo-miracles to pull people together into their agenda. The antichrist will have the ability to call down fire from on high but that power is not of God. It’s demonic.

How can we know the true source of the miracle? L.A. explains: when the Spirit of God moves, people are on their faces before Him. There is a reverence and holiness for what God is doing in that moment. God is changing lives for his glory. If L.A. doesn’t see a reverence in that very moment, he becomes suspicious.

L.A. gave an example of a demonic spirit being transferred from an evangelist to him. L.A. attended an event strictly as an observer. The evangelist was running up and down the stage blowing on people and immediately they fell over. L.A. did not want to participate; but, he was called up on stage. When L.A. went up, the evangelist blew on him three times. With each blow, he felt like he was being pushed over. What was the source of that force? Later, L.A. discovered the force was not the Holy Spirit. L.A. endured six months of severe satanic attacks. With no reprieve, finally, he asked God “Why?” The Holy Spirit took him back to that encounter on stage and told him, “You knew better than to allow that. Why did you go along with the crowd and allow yourself to be taken on stage?”

What lesson did L.A. learn from that horrific experience? Be careful who you allow to lay hands on you; be wary of the spirit someone can impart to you – even in a “church service.”

In conclusion, when the miracle becomes greater than the power of God, it’s time for the red flags to go up. It’s time to re-evaluate our motivation.

We all want to see God move mightily. We need to be grounded in God’s word and allow Him to strengthen our spirit of discernment so we are able to determine the source of the miracle. Rebuke first. Ask questions later.

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