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$20                        Embroidered Baseball Cap

$25                        End Screen Credit- We’ll show our appreciation by printing your name in the End Credits!

$45                       T-Shirt: “One man is willing to die for the Truth. Are you?”

$60                       T-shirt + Embroidered Hat Combo (Save $10)

$150                    Behind the Scenes DVD

$250                     Walk-On Background Part

$500.00                Watch the filming as a one day on-set guest

$1,000.00             Red Carpet Walk at the Premiere (plus the above)

$2,500.00             Academy Award (Private dinner with David and cast)

$5,000.00             Associate Producer On-Screen Credit (plus the above)

$10,000.00           Executive Producer On-Screen Credit (plus the above)

(For items shipped outside North America please add $15.) (State your size and address in PayPal notes.


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Screen Credit
“It’s about time! Can’t wait to start watching. Hollywood has been Satan’s propaganda machine far too long. It is time for God’s army to take the entertainment mountain back for righteousness sake.”

-Maureen M.

“Awesome endeavor to take on with  ‘hellywood.’ To have anything good, whole, moral, enlightening, and spiritually thought-provoking is extrememly rare.”

-Alana B.

“A Christian ‘CSI’?! Yes, please!”

– Bob H.

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