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Last Evangelist TV Series Crime Drama Trailer 

Talk Show Trailer (running 5 years)

Investigates Episode 3Trailer

CSI as Revelation Prophecies Unfold


Agent Jon Rhodes forces Christians to take the Mark of the Beast until he encounters God. Jon turns rogue against the New Order, and becomes a spiritual warrior in a battle to not only rescue true believers but to witness to the deceived.

Season 1 Episodes 1-3 are complete with more coming

Fox News meets Coast to Coast. 


Cutting edge topics that people want to learn about but the church is reluctant to preach. 

Guests include Frank Turek, Annie Lobert, David Morgan, Patti Height & more. 

30 28:30 episodes

48 Hours from the Biblical Angle


Supernatural occurrences in these last days. Are these miracles from God, or are they “lying signs and wonders?

4-part series with 28:30 episodes. Interviews with Steven Bancarz, Russ Dizdar, Josh Peck & more. 

A documentary in the vein of The X-Files.