David Heavener


Television that Tells the Truth


JosephI want to tell you of a blessing me and my wife got this morning. I received a card from your ministry.

No one would ever know the importance to us of that card – it was more than a card. It was a reminder that even though me and my family have felt so isolated and alone this last few years apart from our King, we’re sometimes reminded that there are others out there who do truly care and go to the time to show it in a way that touches hearts across the world.”

Joseph in Great Britain

Your prayers are so insightful I was jolted! Thank you.


I’m thankful for David Heavener and family.

He is my church.

He is getting the real truth to us that has been hidden and now we all are learning. we are so blessed

Leighann McWilliams

alice b toklas capizzanoI wouldn’t have gotten this far if it hadn’t been for God using all of you guys.

Alice Capizzano in South Carolina
I commend your purpose and your direction. Christians warriors like yourself are so very needed.
Shauna Gilbert

I’m so thankful that David and Shanita take time out of their busy lives to bring us Sunday morning service and the Monday evening Gathering.

Diane Dotson in Springfield, Illinois

You are one of the few who are truly Bible based.
you are one of those people who speak truth about Gods Word. You are a beacon for the Lord Jesus to use .


There’s no one like David here in Ireland

Collet in Southern Ireland