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Whatever Happened to Action Star David Heavener?

Adapted from an article by Rae Sunshine Lee

David Heavener was born in Louisville, Kentucky, and raised in a Bible-belt Baptist church. When he was seventeen, he packed up and headed for Nashville, Tennessee to pursue songwriting. He soon wrote two top-ten hits, \”You say You\’re a Real Cowboy\” and \”Love to Love You,\” as well as writing music for Hee-Haw and The Tonight Show.

Within five years, having no film production experience to speak of, and with barely a dime to his name, David had written, directed, and produced several films, starring in all of them. David now has produced over forty films and has also released hundreds worldwide to HBO, Showtime, USA Network, etc.

During the 1980s and \’90s, David Heavener became a Hollywood legend, well-known for his action films. He lived the life, working with many legendary actors, most notably directing the inimitable Martin Landau, Tony Curtis, Sally Kirkland, and Karen Black. David also worked with Eric Estrada, Joe Estevez, Robert Reed, Marc Singer, Margot Kidder, Oliver Reed, \”Rowdy\” Rowdy Piper, and Ernest Borgnine. As an actor, he guest-starred on television shows like Hunter and Days of our Lives and was featured on Entertainment Tonight and Backstage West.

At this point, one might assume that David Heavener had utterly bought into the Hollywood lifestyle and mindset. But, God has a tendency of a proving ground of forty years. Many times Scripture refers to the number forty, be it, Jesus in the wilderness for forty days, or Moses and Israel in the desert for forty years, and so on. I\’m reminded of an old spiritual song written by Jas. Fitch, called, He Took Me Out of the Pit.

He Took Me out of the Pit
He took me out of the pit and from the miry clay
He set my feet on a rock, establishing my way
He put a song in my mouth, our God to magnify
And he\’ll take me someday to His home on high

David was raised by his parents, who were church-going believers. As he grew older, though, he spent time in God\’s Word and experienced a spiritual awakening that continues to spur him on to this day. He became a lay minister in 2011 in the Methodist church in Tehachapi, California. In 2016, he called on a friend, Martin Landau. David fondly remembers that breakfast at Cantor\’s. It was just a few months before Martin left this earthy existence. They spoke about God and faith. Martin said something that blesses David to this very day; he said, \’Faith is what it\’s all about, isn\’t it?\’ David published part of that meeting:

David began publishing interviews on how faith and current events intersect with the supernatural. One such interview was on the oily Bible in Dalton, Georgia:


David also started interviewing celebrities about their opinions on Hollywood and God. One of these interviewees was the legendary Paul Petersen. Paul shares about his experience as a child star on the Donna Reed Show, and how he was lucky enough to work on a TV series promoting family morals and values. Paul explains the decline that started in the sixties and his views on the terrible misuses, abuses, and exploitation of children in today\’s media. It seems that television executives have totally forgotten the nuclear family:

In March 2017, David was asleep in the attic of an old house in Atlanta, Georgia. He was awakened with a burning desire to start writing. Later he would realize that burning desire was from God. In just three and a half hours, he wrote the first six episodes of Last Evangelist, an end-time TV series revealing Revelation prophecies.

Last Evangelist is a Biblically-based, modern-day series about a detective who starts out working for the government, arresting those who won\’t have \’the chip\’ embedded into their bodies. (The chip represents the mark of the beast, and without it, you cannot purchase food, pay rent, etc.). One day, this detective has an experience I call a \’come to Jesus meeting\’ and realizes he has been working for the wrong god. He totally changes, and the hunter becomes the hunted.

Because of the censoring on YouTube and Facebook, David has created a platform where viewers can find uncensored moral programming, revealing issues the church is afraid to discuss. Watch all seven channels of this network on www.DavidHeavener.tv, or on Roku, Apple, Amazon Fire Stick, or Android TV.

The series is ready for pre-production, but there are challenges. Since David truly believes that God wants him to release this truth in full, not in part, to maintain total creative control, he cannot distribute it through major networks. Once you sign a deal with the studios, you give away creative control and can no longer decide what you want in the script. Hence, when you\’re independent of the major studios, funding becomes a challenge. But, as the Bible says in Matthew 19:26, \’with men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.\’ Find the fundraiser by texting CHOSEN to 91999, or from outside North America, visit

David invites us to walk with him in faith, believing God will bless. Remember the movie Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come.” If God calls for it to be built, He will build it and people will come.

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