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\”Let\’s Kill Another Baby\”

* How can we say,
\”God Bless America\”
when we are shedding innocent blood every day? How does God look at that?

* What would Jesus do?

* If a human being does not have the right to life, then there are no rights.

* How in the world could God let that child be murdered?

* The day is going to come they\’re going to put handcuffs on Jesus.

DAVID HEAVENER: Welcome, Coach Dave, to David Heavener TV. Coach Dave Daubenmire heads Pass the Salt Ministries found at CoachDaveLive.com

We\’ve been talking about when you go to abortion clinics, what you do when you get there. When girls pull up in their car who are pregnant, they\’re immediately met by an escort from the mill. We call them \”death- scorts.\” Sometimes even an entire squads to shield them from you.

Let\’s talk about how human trafficking ties in with abortion?

COACH DAVE: It\’s money. It\’s legalized by our government here in America, big business.

DAVID HEAVENER: Now, my question is, How does God view America, this great country, on the Fourth of July, celebrating God bless America. Believing He\’s right here with us, yet we are shedding innocent blood every day and people are ignoring it. How does God look at that, honestly?

COACH DAVE: Well, David, I don\’t know if this is theologically correct, but this is this is the way I see it. This is in Scripture, \”Without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sins.\” So therefore, it tells me that blood is currency in the spiritual realm. I don\’t even know if you believe in the spiritual realm, but if you do believe in the spiritual realm, you follow the Old Testament. They sacrifice goats and bulls and they put blood over the door, because blood caused the Angel of Death to pass over. Blood was a payment, was it not? So, therefore, innocent blood is a currency.

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