David you tell it like it is.


This makes me more aware spiritually of my surroundings. I  can see very clearly how Christians can be deceived with New Age and occult practices.
Martha in Virginia

Because of your show I’m better equipped for demonic warfare.
Terry in Las Vegas

So needed to hear this tonight!!!

Thank you for discussing this.
I am a SRA/MC/DID survivor and now that I’ve learned more I’ve been able to begin healing from what I’ve gone through.

I’ve learned so much watching your shows.
Penny from Canada

I keep up with all you have to share and watch. Even though I can’t always join Monday Live, I do feel like a part of the family.

Over the summer and autumn months, we’ve been in a really dark place, but since David and Shanita prayed for me and my situation, it’s been absolutely amazing. Thank you JESUS

Dena in the Dakotas

God bless you for finally providing us with a Holy Spirit filled online prayer church!! 
Thank you for your very relevant God inspired videos David.
Charlotte in Saskatchewan

You prayed for “a lady with knee trouble.”
You didn’t know it, but that lady was me! God touched me when you prayed and my pain is gone!
Pam in Indiana