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David Heavener has written, directed, produced and starred in over 40 films with such Hollywood great as Tony Curtis, Martin Landau, Robert Reed, Margot Kidder and many others. Each and every star David worked with had specific qualities to launch them into the spotlights and now he wants to share them with you. No matter what business or industry you are in, you can apply those qualities to achieve maximum success and reach the heights  of your career.  David’s unique program, known as “THE RED CARPET,” is a star-studded system full of groundbreaking information to help you walk the red carpet of your industry.


Detailed but clear steps that help you identify you, your product and/or your service as it is identified by your core audience or customers. Discovering how potential clients perceive you or your product is much more important than the actual use of the product. This is called ESSENCE. Discover your essence and be light years ahead of your competitors.

After identifying your essence, discover your KEY BUTTON. This is the unique, one of a kind ingredient contained in your essence. Only you (or your product) contain this ingredient. You will launch into the mainstream of success with ease once this is accomplished.


Money is important but TIME is invaluable. Most people discover these unique steps later in their career (or the life of their product or service).  By that time not only have they lost incredible revenue, but also irreplaceable time. Unfortunately, some have actually given up.  In this course however, you will gain the knowledge you need and supersede the realms of both time and money, allowing you to achieve maximum results in a shorter period of time.


The Power of Essence

How to develop and produce your story on video

In order to properly develop and relate your story it is imperative to know “your essence.”. What is “essence?” Is it personality…appearance…attitude…thought process? No, it’s not any one of these by itself; it’s all these together, and more. Essence is the core of you, your product, or your service. It’s who you are combined with who people think you are.  When someone meets you for the first time, their subconscious automatically assesses you – whether good or bad. These assessments come from deep-rooted thoughts and beliefs established since they were born. Your job as a person (or your product or service) is not to change a person’s perception, but to first understand it, and then to align it with your core essence. This does not mean you will gather this person as an audience, rather it means you will begin to strengthen your essence and sharpen it for your “core audience.” Too many people are trying to be everything to everybody. This is death to a salesman. This is total destruction to your mission for success. You have an essence; an essence which is appealing to your audience. The goal is to know your essence and match it to your audience.

Every person was born to birth a story. Your life is a story. An inspiration to others and a celebration of hope, love and power. Your story deserves to be told and can be very effective when told through moving pictures – video. Since the early turn of the 20th century with the invention of movies, people have flocked into theatres, video stores and gathered around the television to watch stories. Advertisers have spent billions on commercials to influence audiences to buy their product. Hollywood films have launched mega stars through the media of film.

With the invention and rapid growth of social media such as you tube, facebook, etc., the power and need for stories to be told through video is as strong. Now it’s your time to shine like a star that you (or your product) are!


Because the consumer is such an audio visual seeker, you compete with millions of other goods and services. In order to overcome competition, it is imperative to understand that you must tell your story, and make it more compelling than ever before. The best way to supersede your competitors and prevail is through video. Your story can be more easily played out through moving pictures because of the special effects that can be added (if needed) and the powerful influence of audio.


This is where expertise comes in. Telling your story through moving pictures is a form of art creating a rhythm, style and feel that will be part of your brand. Video is the best and most effective way to brand yourself because of the exciting art form of motion pictures. David Heavener is the expert in helping you develop your story in script form and morphing it to video, creating a spectacular visual experience for your audience and/or consumer.

David has a dynamic speaking presence as he shares amazing stories of how he developed and produced his story in Hollywood. David has written, directed and starred in over 30 feature  films with such Hollywood legends as Tony Curtis, Martin Landau, Oliver Reed and many more! His films have aired worldwide through his own distribution company which sold over a thousand films to theatres, video stores and TV networks aground the world. Now, the most exciting opportunity in years is at your doorstep: it’s called the internet. This levels the playing field when it comes to getting you and/or your product/service straight to your audience creating a massive demand for you or your product. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. is your launch pad to success.

What is your STORY? Everyone has a story, but few are living their story. God has written a script called life and you are a character. The only problem is, are you showing up on the set everyday to play out your specific and specialized part in the book of life? Only you can play the character in your story – no one else. Don’t compare yourself to others because you can’t play their part and they can’t play yours. You only have so much time in this movie called “YOUR LIFE” and then it will be over. 

  1.  Identify the key aspects of your story (product or service)
  2.  Find your audience
  3. Get your story (product or service) to your audience
  4. Tell your story (sell yourself, your product) on video
  5. Create a franchise that continues to tell your story


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