FAQs for Fundraisers


Q: How do the funds I raise benefit the TV series?


A: This campaign markets Episode 1 and funds production of Episode 2 of The Last Evangelist. This will launch a new TV series available through Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, DavidHeavener.TV and other streaming services. Even a gift of $10 will help!


Q: Why is raising funds so important?


 A: Donor support is critical to The Last Evangelist. 100% of our operating expenses come through meaningful gifts from individuals, like you. I believe God told me not to go to investors, because they would then have control over the script. I believe God is telling me to go directly to His people to give them the opportunity to create this project.

During the campaign, we hope to raise $250,000.
Our mission is to create life-changing TV so future generations can hear the Gospel.


Q: How is my donation used?


Each dollar supports the truth-telling mission to set captives free, helping us proclaim boldly the end-time deception. 


Q: How do I share my page with friends and family?


A: Use the social share buttons on your personal fundraising page to send messages with the donation form to your friends and family. You can also use your personal URL or keyword to share your page—add the link to your email signature or your social media profiles. 

Your personal keyword is a great way to share your campaign verbally. When you are chatting with people about your fundraising efforts, ask them to pull out their cell phones and text your personal keyword to 71777.

Q: What is my personal URL and Text keyword?


A: Your URL and Keyword are in the email that you were sent when you registered as a fundraiser. This email also has a link for you to change your password and edit your page. We recommend keeping it available to you during the campaign. It will be 




and your Keyword is Evangelist with your digit behind it.


Q: Who can give?


A: Anyone can give! Even if you don’t think someone will be interested, they may be interested in supporting you and learning more about why this cause is important to you. Make sure to share your story and explain, in your own words, why this TV series is important to you, how’ve you been influenced by ministry on youtube, and how you believe it will impact people, including the next generation.


Q: My friends and family can’t afford to give a lot, is that ok? 


A: Yes! Even a gift of $5 will make a difference. Every act of giving builds momentum. Every small gift is important in that it can be a critical part of helping to secure a large gift.


Q: Are the donations secure? 


A: Yes! Our donation forms are all PCI-Level one compliant which is the highest level of transaction security available.



Q: Can international donors contribute?

A: Yes! However, due to security reasons, certain countries may have limited access. If someone in another country is having trouble giving, they can use this PayPal link:


or send the gift to the email FullPowerWisdom@gmail.com via PayPal. (Send us an email so their gift will be attributed to you and counted toward your goal.)


Alternately, use Zelle with the email FullPowerWisdom@gmail.com

Q: How do I personalize my page? What can I personalize?


A: Click “Edit My Page” on the email you were sent when you signed up. You can add a picture (square pictures with a 1:1 ratio work best), change your goal, and write a personal message about why The Last Evangelist TV series is meaningful to you.


Q: How often should I reach out to family and friends?



A: At least once a week.
Statistics show, the more often you ask, the more you will fundraise. In one study, those who sent more than 25 emails fundraised as least $1,300.
Use different channels to reach people—email, social media, text message, and phone. It can take up to 12 impressions to get the average donor to give.


Q: My friend made a gift, but the gift didn’t get applied to my page. What should I do?

A: Reach out to Shanita at info@DavidHeavener.tv or text/Voicemail (615) 861.9659 with the donor name, gift amount, and phone number. It may take up to 5 business days to have the gift moved.

Q: What types of gifts are accepted during The Last Evangelist episode 1?


A: Gifts through credit card or PayPal using your personal giving form are the easiest and get immediately counted towards your fundraising goal. However, if someone wishes to make a gift via check or money order, please send it to Full Power Wisdom

11271 Ventura Blvd #326

Studio City, CA 91604

and it will count toward your fundraising goal. Send an email to let us know.

Q: Are gifts made to The Last Evangelist tax deductible?

A: Yes! The Last Evangelist is a tax-exempt organization under IRC 501(c)(3). Contributions are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by governing laws. Donors will receive a tax receipt for their contribution within moments of making their gift.

Thank you for being part of the crew! You are a vital part! Every gift makes a difference! God bless you!