David Heavener has written, directed, produced and starred in over 40 films with Hollywood great such as Tony Curtis, Martin Landau, Robert Reed, Margot Kidder and many others. Every star David works with has specific qualities that launched them into the spotlight.  Now David wants to share those qualities with you: no matter what business you are in, you can apply these qualities to achieve success and reach the heights of your career. This unique program is known as “The Red Carpet.” Based on his years of film and business success, David has developed a star-studded program so you can apply this groundbreaking method and walk the “Red Carpet” in your industry.

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In my thirty years producing and starring in over forty films with top Hollywood legends like Tony Curtis, Martin Landau, Ernest Borgnine, Oliver Reed, and more, I’ve learned and applied certain qualities and techniques to my personal, business, and spiritual life that each of these Hollywood stars brings to my set. My question was “What is it that causes these great actors to be great actors? My immediate answer was “Because they were great actors;” however, I work with other great actors but few ever achieve what these Hollywood greats achieve, and most never achieve much at all. So I reconstructed my question to be, “What is it that causes these great actors to become successful – rising above the others and becoming stars?” The answer then became more clear, and this is what I want to teach you in this “Take Action Now” training course.

Topics covered include the following

* How to get an audition
* How to audition
* How to nail the Callbac

* How to follow up with casting directors

* Set etiquette: how to perform on the film set

* How to negotiate your own acting contract (the best compensation, the best on-screen credit)

* How to build yourself into a franchise

* Acting for commercials

* How to survive in Hollywood

* How to handle kissing and romantic scenes

* Dealing with rejection

* How to know if you are you really supposed to be an actor

* Stunts, fight scenes, car chases and falls

* Using weapons on set; making it look real; safety

* “your actual age” versus “your acting age”

* You’re already a star

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David Heavener is a an award-winning filmmaker, actor and songwriter whose career spans over 30 years directing and producing Academy-Award winners and nominees stars including Tony Curtis, Martin Landau, Ernest Borgnine, Oliver Reed and many more, for networks such as HBO, Showtime, and more worldwide. David has owned and operated several film distribution companies that have distributed over a thousand movies worldwide. He is a marketer and career developer. His secret path to success is by telling stories. Now David can help you tell your story.

What is your story? Everyone has a story, but few are living their story. God has written a script called life and you are a character in this script. The problem is, are you showing up on the set everyday to play out your specific and specialized role in the movie of life? Only you can play the character in your story – no one else! Don’t compare yourself to others because you can’t play their part and they can’t play yours. You only have so much time in this movie called “Your Life” and then it will be over. Get going today to begin telling your story and let David Heavener help you!

  1. Identifying the key aspects of your story (product or service)
  2. Finding your audience
  3. Getting your story to your audience
  4. How to tell your story (sell yourself, your product) on video
  5. Creating a franchise that continues

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Make Movies That Make Money

Thousands of filmmakers have attended David’s “MAKE MOVIES THAT MAKE MONEY” seminar and now he brings this invaluable teaching to you in person!

Successful Screenwriting
Marketing and Distribution
Cell Phone Film Making
Shorter Films
Music Videos

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For more information on the film academy, one-on-one coaching, or how David can assist you in producing your movie.

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David is the “down-home hybrid of Orson Welles.”

Backstage West

“Refreshing. Encouraging. Realistic. David’s seminar is the perfect tool for filmmakers to realize their dreams.”

Deborah Gilels

20th Century Fox

“What a great seminar! I have attended many over the years; yours was the best!”

Ron Harrison


David is the “’Woody Allen’ of action films…”

Backstage West

“David’s book connects creativity to business knowledge and that’s the formula for success.”

Jamey Hopper

Full Sail University

“David is the guy who’s got almost all the answers.”

Joe Bob Briggs

“There are plenty of folks talking about how to make it in Hollywood, but unlike most of these folks David Heavener HAS made it in Hollywood, as an Actor, Director and Producer.”

Joe Estevez

Actor/Producer, brother of Martin Sheen

“If you want to know how to produce and sell a movie worldwide, David is the man to teach you.”

Solange Warner

World Chamber of Commerce

“David shows you the nuts and bolts of the film industry allowing you to pave your own path in Hollywood.”

Frank Zanca

President, Destiny Horizons, Inc.

“He gives the secrets of the trade he has mastered for decades. Anyone serious about becoming a producer should take David Heavener’s seminar.”

Michael Gavino


The Academy is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the education, inspiration and motivation of filmmaking and entrepreneurship. David Heavener has committed his life to helping filmmakers and entrepreneurs worldwide discover and develop their thriving endeavors. The Academy offers its valuable service for less than the cost of “a cup of coffee a day” so that everyone and anyone can enjoy a successful career.