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This groundbreaking series is a step-by-step guide to writing, producing and distributing your film.  Whether you’re a movie buff with a great idea or a film school graduate, everyone can learn from David’s easy-to-follow steps, and obtain the DIY tricks he has finessed in his 30 years of self-taught filmmaking.

Here’s your chance to capture the valuable techniques you won’t learn anywhere else.

These are proven methods used by David’s students around the world. You’ll learn how to complete the film you’ve always wanted to make with confidence and success. The secret to David’s mastery is in his principles which he reveals in this amazing academy where you discover everything you need to launch your career in just a short period of time.

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What You’ll Learn:

Determining your purpose in filmmaking allows you to define and refine your mission statement, which keeps you on track throughout your career.

Follow step by step through the Hollywood system, unlocking the secrets of the “game.” Here’s how to beat the system and put the odds in your favor.